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The smarter way to train

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Download TRAKK

TRAKK offers gym goers an unrivalled experience for keeping track of workouts in and outside the gym, and it is also the ultimate personal training tool. The app allows users to set fitness goals, devise personalised workout plans and track their progress.

What is TRAKK?

TRAKK is the ultimate member experience; TRAKK is a personal training app designed to track workout activity. With the ability to connect to Pulse Fitness equipment, TRAKK tracks distance, speed, heart rate, weight lifted and calories burned. TRAKK also works without Pulse equipment meaning you can use this app to manually log your workouts wherever you are.

Build custom workouts that inspire you!

Use the library of over 300 exercises to quickly create your workout plans. Tell TRAKK when you intend to workout, and which session you'd like to do on which day. Create single sessions or set your favourites to repeat. Build custom workout plans with reps, sets and weights in seconds then easily share with friends and family for some healthy competition!

Create goals key to your target!

Motivate yourself with a personal goal and track your progress towards it. Set your own goals; from time on the treadmill to monthly visits to the gym, whatever you want to achieve, TRAKK puts detailed workout results at your fingertips, accessible any place, any time.

Your Account

After installing and opening the TRAKK app, you will be presented with the walkthrough screen. Pressing on ‘Register’ will allow you to enter your email address and Password.

You will receive a verification email, by pressing the link in the email you will automatically be navigated back to the app and your account will be verified.

You will be presented with our Terms and Conditions and on agreeing, you will be able to set up the rest of your account information.

When you register you will be presented with our Terms and Conditions. To use the app you have to ‘Agree’ to them. If we update our Terms and Conditions, they will be presented the next time you open the app for you to approve.

If you have an account with TRAKK but are signed out of the app. If you press the ‘Sign in’ button on the walkthrough screen you will be able to enter your log in credentials.

If you can’t remember your password when trying to log in to the app. You can press the ‘Forgotten password’ link on the Sign in screen. You will be required to enter your account email address.

We will then send you an email containing a link to reset your password.

When Signed in to the app, if you press on the profile icon in the bottom navigation, you will be navigated to your profile. Press on ‘Your details’ and then ‘Change’ in the password field.

To delete your account and all associated data please email support@my-trakk.com. We will remove your account and let you know once the process has been completed.


Templates allow you to group exercises into individual workouts. You can create a full workout by adding exercises, sets, reps, weight and rest.

In the app, navigate to your profile and press the ‘Templates’ option. At the bottom of the screen, press the ‘New template’ button.

You will be prompted to enter a template name, and then you can add exercises from the list.

By opening and viewing a template from your templates screen, if you press the ‘Edit’ button you will enter the template edit mode. You can change all aspects of the template that includes

  • Template name
  • Schedule a template
  • Add and remove exercises
  • Edit individual exercise workload
  • Re-order exercises

If you make any changes to your template, a ‘Save’ button will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

When in template edit mode, if you press the arrow next to the ‘Schedule template’ option you will be navigate to the ‘Template schedules’ screen.

There will be two sections, Schedule template and single sessions. If you press the toggle on ‘Schedule template’ you will be able to select days, start date and the duration for the schedule.

When a template has been scheduled it will be automatically added to those days as a workout to start.


‘Add’ button when on the Train screen, select the template option and pick your template. You will be prompted to either add as a one off session, or to schedule the template.

You can also create a workout by adding single exercises. This allows you to add exercises that you feel like doing rather than feeling committed to a template. Simple press the ‘Add’ button and select the exercises option.

Just like adding a template, you will be prompted to add as a one-off session or in this case, create a template.

Once an exercise(s) or template has been added to the train screen, if on the present day, a button will be displayed to ‘Start workout’. Pressing this button will start the workout, and display the first exercise for you to complete.

If you are at a gym that provides Pulse Fitness equipment, you can scan the QR code to connect the equipment to the app. Depending on the type of QR code, this will either open up that specific equipment as a workout in the app, or display results performed on that equipment.


TRAKK is a feature-rich, user-friendly, personal training app designed to track workout activity.

Connected to cutting-edge Pulse Fitness equipment, TRAKK automatically tracks distance, speed, heartrate, weight lifted and calories burned. Accessible at your fingertips. TRAKK also works without Pulse equipment meaning you can use this app to log your workouts wherever you are.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@my-trakk.com.