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Welcome to igym

It's time to get moving your way!


Naoki says...

"Being at igym makes me happy and the staff here are great help. When I started I used to suffer from arthritis, I would have 3 or 4 arthritis flare ups a year but its gone now as the staff here gave me lots of tips which were very helpful. I also love the mobility and flexibility classes as they help most with my arthritis and it's really helped me improve my hips - I've seen so much improvement compared to one year ago. The thing I love most about igym is definitely the staff, they have some of the most caring staff with good specialities, which really help my health and mental wellbeing."

Daniel says...

"I started coming to the gym to boost my self confidence. Regardless of how busy I am in whatever my extra commitments are, I've always been sure to keep at least some time to come to the gym to keep fit. I really enjoy the mental process of just lifting some weights and shutting out the rest of the world and really dedicating the gym time to me. igym is a really fantastic place to come for this. Your staff are really friendly and welcoming, and that's always a motivation to get back in and just say hi to everyone and really feel the energy in the gym as well."

Georgina says...

"I love the classes - the trainers make the class! Their direction and positive attitude towards us keeps us all engaged and motivated throughout the session. We have all become a great team and encourage each other to keep going and continue to show up each week. igym has helped me with my fitness journey by giving me the chance to build my strength and confidence which has then encouraged my growth and determination to keep progressing over time. It's also made me more comfortable with increasing my weights and challenging myself."

Denisa says...

"The classes are a great way to end the day; they take away all the stress of thinking what I need to do in the gym."