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Group Cycle

As a member, you’ll love the exhilarating workout that Group Cycle classes offer. These indoor cycling sessions are a brilliant way to boost your cardiovascular health and manage your weight, thanks to the heart-pumping intensity and high calorie burn. You’ll build endurance, and with every pedal stroke, you’ll strengthen your key lower body muscles, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Plus, being part of our spin class community can offer a motivational surge and make your workouts a fun part of your routine.


We provide the bikes; you bring your energy.

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Wear moisture-wicking clothing and cycling shoes if you have them.

Each class is a high-intensity cycle workout with varying speed and resistance levels.

You can book a class via your TRAKK app or by clicking here.

Group Cycle Timetable


Day Class Time Instructor Duration Location
Monday Group Cycle 18:00 Luis Aparicio 45mins Congleton
Tuesday Group Cycle 10:00 Luis Aparicio 45mins Congleton
Wednesday Group Cycle 10:30 Natalie Ison 45mins Congleton
Thursday Group Cycle 20:00 Luis Aparicio 45mins Congleton

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Whatever your fitness goals, our diverse class selection is designed to match your individual journey towards wellness.

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Member thought

"Group Cycle class is where I can just let loose and pedal out all my stress. The group energy is amazing and it's such an effective cardio workout."

Trainer thought

"The enthusiasm for Group Cycle is contagious! Try to keep a steady pace and resist burning out too quickly - it’s a marathon, not a sprint."