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Circuit Training

As an effective fitness strategy, circuit training offers a smorgasbord of benefits tailor-made for your specific needs. This dynamic exercise form not only revs up your heart health but also boosts muscle strength, all while facilitating fat loss through its high-intensity, low-rest paradigm. Best of all, it’s a time-saver – allowing you to engage multiple muscle groups in one swift, single workout.


Bring a towel and water bottle; we’ll provide the rest.

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Wear something you can easily move in – you’ll be transitioning between a variety of exercise stations.

Each class is a full-body workout, focusing on strength, endurance, and flexibility.

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Circuit Training Timetable


Day Class Time Instructor Duration Location
Tuesday Circuit Training 18:00 Sara Mirabbasi 45mins Congleton
Thursday Circuit Training 19:00 Harry Gaulton 45mins Congleton
Saturday Circuit Training 10:00 TBC 1 Hour Congleton
Sunday HYROX 10:15 Yasmin Leslie 45mins Congleton
Sunday Circuit Training 14:00 Nicola Mapes 1 Hour Congleton

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Whatever your fitness goals, our diverse class selection is designed to match your individual journey towards wellness.

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Member thought

"Circuits are tough but super effective! I love the variety of exercises and the full-body workout I get."

Trainer thought

"Circuit training is excellent for keeping your workout dynamic and functional. Keep the transition times between stations short to keep your heart rate up and maximize the benefits."